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After a thorough investigation, and my living with some of the most sensationalized and misleading publicity imaginable to anyone, the case involving me, Albert Insinnia, and the repair of a computer containing an ancient hard drive and, apparently, internet images of people under the age of eighteen years was  


by the Superior Court, Passaic County, New Jersey.

And justice, in my opinion, was ultimately well-served in this case.  I am grateful for the fairness I was shown by the court which dismissed these charges.  

Abuse of anyone, direct or indirect is abhorrent to us all.

  Blog conversation from 22nd Jun 2008 18:30  
Of course he was not guilty. Logically, would he have brought his  hard drive to Best Buy if he thought there were inappropriate pictures  in it?Since he had fought with the Geek Squad for 3 days - it was a perfect way for them to get revenge on him.Also, the hard drive was 10 years old, as many as 35 people had used the  computer, and when the police searched his home, they found absolutely  nothing - no other computers, no tapes, NOTHING!!  There were no  inappropriate emails sent form his computer and anyone who knows him  realizes this was a way for (others) to gain publicity - because of  his TV appearances. How unfair is that!!!
   22nd Aug 2008 21:49  
Yeah, this was a total miscarriage of justice. Not only was the  computer used (by who knows how many people), but I shudder to think  what could be hidden on any PC in the form of embedded images, hijacked  files, etc. There but for the grace of God...imagine if this happened to  you and the computer was not a shared or previously owned one. How  would you ever prove your innocence?In the end, this case was completely never even went to trial. But how does Mr. Insinnia restore his good name?

Additional comments I would like to make.

The blog comments included above were apparently written by someone who knows (or knew) me.  I think these words describe the reality of this situation fairly well, so I included them.

However....this unfortunate circumstance will live on in perpetuity on the internet. There are headings, containing such words as "conviction", etc.  What I have learned is that if my name is tagged in any site where a word like that is regarding another individual, will come up that way when my name is entered on certain search engines.  

I request that any site responsible for this kind of misrepresentation of my name remove it.


I am restored.​

(Mr. Insinnia in no way means to accuse any person(s) or entity of responsibility for content in question.)